Dienstag, 9. April 2013


"Once upon a time there was a world where writing was unknown. A world different to ours, but nevertheless still human. Everything changed once writing was invented. But, maybe the writing was only revealed to humans and not invented by them. It is sure that, for thousands of years, writing was the secret recipe of spiritual texts, guarded by royalty or the keepers of sacred knowledge. Beyond its content, writing has an exterior, a visual feature. Transposing or “packaging” the idea into text implies an infinite variety of shapes and materials. In this way the writing and the book become an art object. A book is more than the content it holds; its physical structure, and visual impact are also part of it. In some oriental traditions, calligraphy was considered a spiritual pathway.

But what is happening writing today? With the book? Is there still any connection with the primary sense? Does writing have any connection with the human essence nowadays?”
New York Bound: International Book Art Biennial
 (First of its kind in the US)

September 9th – November 10th
September 22  –  December 29
Reception: October  6 from 1-4pm
Curated By Dorothea Fleiss

A selection of artist made books from around the world and our annual open call. This exhibition promotes and encourages artists’ unconventional ideas about books. We ask artists to explore the book as an object, book-installations, one-offs, author's books, artist's books, writer's books, experimental and limited editions, fine press books and the like. Curated through a number of open calls held internationally and nationally.
 This exhibition, works selected will become part of this traveling exhibition.

We live in the 21st century, the century of technology, of computers and mass media, all of which are separating us and our children from the written word.
In a few years, if this direction of our civilized world continues, books will disappear.
-Dorothea Fleiss


1.Any book artist from any country can take part in the competition.

2. Up to four artist's books can be submitted by one author/artist or a team.The books should be completed within last two years (2011- 2013) in any technique and belong to the author/artist, art gallery or press.

3. As for the texts not written by the artist we ask to obey the general rules of copyright. The name of a writer (and a translator), the title (and the original title), name of a publisher and year of publishing should be given.

4. The works should be send no later than July 15, 2013 to:
Islip Art Museum
50 Irish Lane
East Islip, NY 11730-2098

5.There are no limitations regarding technique and form, however in case of very complex and unusual works due to material, size or construction the artist is kindly requested to contact the organisers.A submitted work may not be accepted for the following reasons:
Technical difficulties involved exhibiting it.
It may be considered to have possible harmful effects on the audience.

6. The international jury selected by the organisers will review the submissions and choose the works for the EIBAB EHIBITION NEW YORK. 
 The jury will judge the works and select those ones to be awarded and shown at the exhibition. Decisions of the jury can not be appealed.

7. The prizes will be awarded by the Jury.

8. The costs of sending/ shipping the books are on the artist.
Please write the value for the customs max. 30 EUR / 30 USD or the text

The organisers are not responsible of any damages caused by the conditions of transportation or careless packing by the artist.
The books should have labels with artist's name, title and notice “European Book Art Biennale”.

 Artists may choose to donate their work itself to the Biennale Collection.
We ask the artists to make a donation for our projects to:
dorothea fleiss & east west artists Association Carei
Banc: BANCA BCR- Carei
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): RO17RNC80222108088590001
SIFT/BIC (Bank Identification Code) RNCBROBU 300311016 BCR
Subject should be: EIBAB 2013 NEW YORK
Or by Western Union to Zsuzsa SZEMAK  (Name)
 10.The books chosen to be shown at the Biennale will be shown at various exhibitions in Hungary, Poland, Russia etc.
The participants agree that images of their works may be used for the promotion of the European International Book Art Biennale

11. Pictures of works and any other documents attached to the entry form will be kept in the competition archives and not returned to the artist.
Artists may choose to donate their work itself to the Biennale Collection.
If they wish to have their work returned, artists are responsible for covering the cost of return shipping themselves.

12. For any questions please contact:

Beth Giacummo, USA
Email: beth.isliparts@gmail.com
Kamila Bednarska, Poland
Email: jakam@wp.pl
Zsuzsa Szemak, Romania
Email: bleco1@yahoo.com