Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

EIBAB European International BookArt Biennale 2016 GOA INDIA

Destiny and Inner Space

The 4th migrant EIBAB (European International Book Art Biennale) will take place in November- December 2016 in Goa, India

Organisers of the EIBAB: Inspire Trust Goa India  + D. Fleiss & East West Artists e. V. Stuttgart Germany

Author and curator of the 4th European International BOOK ART BIENNALE: 
Dorothea Fleiss
in collaboration with curator : Yolanda de Souza 

1. Any book artist from any country can take part in the competition.
2. Up to two artist's books can be submitted by one author/artist or a team. The books should be completed within last two years (2015-2016) in any technique and belong to the author/artist, art gallery or press.
Deadline for the Pre-Selection is 15th august 2016.

3. Please emailing your digital application (Images of works, CV/Bio and description of works)  to
Pre-selection will be undertaken by  the international jury selected by the organisers, they will review the submissions and choose the works for the EIBAB.
Notification of their decision will be answered by email till 1st September 2016.
All entrans will be notified of the outcome of the pre-selection process by E-mail.
Please note, digital and supporting material will not be returned.
Decisions of the jury can not be appealed.

4. The selected works should be arrive no later than November 1st, 2016 to:
Yolanda's Studio
Castelo Vermelhho 1/115A
Gauravaddo(east) Calangute Goa India
Yolanda de Sousa Kammermeier
Phone: +91 9822160073
Deadline:         The Works must arrive by   1st NOVEMBER in GOA India.

5.There are no limitations regarding technique and form, however in case of very complex and unusual works due to material, size or construction the artist is kindly requested to contact the organisers.A submitted work may not be accepted for the following reasons:
Technical difficulties involved exhibiting it.
It may be considered to have possible harmful effects on the audience.
6. As for the texts not written by the artist we ask to obey the general rules of copyright. The name of a writer (and a translator), the title (and the original title), name of a publisher and year of publishing should be given.

7. The exhibition openning of EIBAB will be on 21st november 2016  at 
Exhibition Venue: Kala Academy's Art Gallery Campal Panjim Goa India
during the IFFI International Film Festival Goa

7. The prizes will be awarded by the Jury.

8. The costs of sending/ shipping the books are on the artist.
Please write the value for the customs max. 30 EUR / 30 USD or the text
The organisers are not responsible of any damages caused by the conditions of transportation or careless packing by the artist.
The bookart should have labels with artist's name, title, size, material and notice “European Book Art Biennale, Goa India 2016”.


10.  The participants agree that images of their works may be used for the promotion and printed catalogue of the European International Book Art Biennale.

11. Pictures of works and any other documents attached to the entry form will be kept in the competition archives and not returned to the artist.
Artists choose to donate their work itself to the Inspired Trust Fondation. The awarded works to the Biennale Collection. Work will be not returned. All participant artists will receive per post one catalogue oft the EIBAB 2016.

For any questions please contact: