Freitag, 4. November 2016

The 4th migrant EIBAB (European International Book Art Biennale) 2016

Exhibition:  EIBAB ( EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL BOOK ART BIENNALE) GOA INDIA                         2016
Title:             Destiny and Inner Space- "Schicksalsraum"


The European International Book Art Biennale has been promoting and encouraging any unconventional attitudes about books.
It deals with book-objects, book-installations, one-offs, author's books, artist's books, writer's books, experimental and limited editions and fine press books and made using the form of book, accordion books or sculptures. Carefully and unconventionally designed unique books, some display a harmony between different modes of expression between literature and visual languages. 
The European International Book Art Biennale is important for promoting the idea of book as art and valuable for ordinary book lovers and those ones professionally dealing with books.

Organizers of the EIBAB: Inspire Trust Goa India  + D. Fleiss & East West Artists e. V. Stuttgart Germany and Romania    

Participant countries: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Kurdistan, India, Italy, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, USA

Opening:       The exhibition opening of EIBAB will be on 21st November 2016  at 6:oo PM
Exhibition Venue: Kala Academy's Art Gallery  Palolim Beach Goa India
during the IFFI International Film Festival Goa
Opening speech: Vinesh Iyer, President Inspired Trust Foundation Goa India

Author and curator of the 4th European International BOOK ART BIENNALE:  
Dorothea Fleiss
in collaboration with curator : Yolanda de Souza  
Phone: +91 9822160073

Partners: ICR ( Romanian Cultural Institute)